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Pet Odor and Stain Removal, Tile Cleaning

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Pet owners are familiar how quick a pet odor stain occurs. You can walk into the next room for a second then nature escapes them, and presto, a special gift arranged perfectly is waiting for you. Your beautiful floor covering or tile is unexpectedly displaying a pet stain and odor. If that wasn’t bad enough, your mother-in-law calls and says she will be visiting for the weekend. Now what? You know that she will judge your ability to clean your home and complain about the pet odor and stains.

Let us help you with your pet odor dilemma. We specialize in stain removal, tile cleaning, and removal of pet odors and are insured to do so. Hire the best experts in Long Beach, California by calling us at 562 340-6282. Our experts will come to your home for a free assessment of the extent of the pet odor stain. Once our technicians have looked at your dilemma, we then will discuss our clean-up process.

Facts You Should Know About Pet Urine

Urine, when deposited on your floor covering, soaks into the fibers and contaminates the back of the carpet, the padding, and the wood flooring underneath the floor covering causing pet odor. Often, without your knowledge, your pet will use the same spot over and over again as their personal bathroom. Pet odor from urine also can seep from the flooring into the framework of the house causing structural damage. As urine dries, it evaporates, but then it crystallizes, causing a more pungent odor.

By merely scrubbing it, you will not eliminate the problem. However, we have a specialized cleaner that can remove the pet odor. It is imperative to call us at 562 340-6282 before it seeps into your framework. It is best to take care of your floor covering when you first notice your pet using it for a personal bathroom. By calling our experts right away and before it gets out of hand, you will avoid other water damages and save money. We use a variety of products that contain enzymes to break down the cause of the odor.

It is best to get rid of the urine stain when it first happens to eliminate the odor or other damages. If it gets out of hand, our stain removal experts will be available to assist you. Of course, stains don’t always have to come from pets. In fact, toddlers or a clumsy person may cause a stain by spilling a drink or a plate of food. No matter how the stain got there, our specialist can get it out with specialized cleaners and equipment.

Tile Cleaning

Tile cleaning by hand can cause a mess, be rough on the body, and hard work. It also is not possible to get deep clean-up results this way. That’s because your flooring collects spills, dirt, and grime regularly, which discolors the floor surface. Our expert cleaners can help you take care of your tile cleaning, so you don’t have to. Frequently mopping only touches the first layer leaving dirt deep especially in your grout lines. Our expert tile cleaning services will restore your flooring to a perfect gleam and shine.

Clean-up Process

Before the stain removal process starts, we complete a pretest to establish the type of flooring you have to guarantee the highest quality route for your home or place of business. We then:

  1. Inspect your flooring further
  2. Tape the designated area to protect nearby surfaces
  3. Complete a dry soil removal
  4. Clear the surface from dirt and dust
  5. Complete a professional check throughout the process
  6. If necessary, repeat areas that need extra clean-up
  7. Apply a chem-dry sealer to place a barrier to prevent the germs from collecting deep into your flooring
  8. Restore the flooring to a refined state

Our family owned company would like to assist our Long Beach community with their everyday stains and odors that occur in your home or place of business. We offer a 100% guaranteed service on all work done on your property. If we can be of assistance to you by taking care of your property needs, don’t hesitate to call. We also can answer any questions that you may have about stain removal at our California office at 562 340-6282.

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